Welcome back to the last term in Year 6 and at Brentnall all together!

In our final term – 

The children will have a different timetable as usual. Our aim is to get them prepared for high school and to have the best possible transition. Therefore the children will be taking part in different projects each week. Challenging them to work together effectively in groups, make conscious decisions and justify their reasons. Within each project, there will be aspects of English, Maths, Science, History and Geography: allowing the children to access the full curriculum before they leave.

Transition days –

As well as working together to have the best transition, their high schools will invite them for transition days. The high schools will send letters out as well as sending any information to myself. I will ask the children to write any important dates in their diaries.

Enjoyment and Memories – 

The children have spent a lot of time and effort making their friendships. In these last few weeks together we want to make sure these friendships are made even stronger and even more memories are made. 

The children have worked extremely hard this year and over their time at Brentnall, so I think we can all agree that they deserve to enjoy this last few weeks. We will work with the children to create lessons and activities which they are interested in.

And as you may be aware, the children will be putting on their end of year performance. I am sure we will have lots of fun preparing this together!

Let’s make these last weeks memorable!

Miss Stephens 🙂