Cycle 1

Welcome back to Brentnall for a new school year. I am delighted to welcome your child to Year 4 and Peridot class with Mr. Evans, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Langowski and Miss Byrne.


Just like last year we will be using a dojo point system throughout school. Children can earn dojo points for any good behaviour related to our school values: to learn, to succeed and to respect. In year 4 we have set a target of 35 dojo points each week for children to attend their dojo treat, a target I am sure that all of the children are more than capable of successfully reaching.


In year 4 children are expected to wear a school jumper/cardigan, white shirt/blouse, a school tie, black trousers/skirt and black shoes. Please ensure that your child has the correct uniform and that it has their name in each item of clothing.


Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. This will include a piece of Maths homework and new spellings to learn weekly. Each term there will be a topic based piece of homework for your child to enjoy creating at home.


The children have all got reading books and love reading in school and at home. To keep up to date with how your child’s reading is progressing we have ensured that they have a reading diary. Please sign the diary each night to show that your child has read with you. Every morning Mrs Langowski checks the diaries and dojo points are given to those children who have their diaries signed.


This year we are lucky enough to have some sports coaches in school to teach P.E. In year 4 we have P.E on a Monday and a Thursday. P.E kit should consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps.

Cycle 1


We will be studying The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry during cycle 1.

We will also cover a number of different writing features from our writing checklist in Year 4. These are:

  • Use subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions to join phrases and clauses
  • Punctuate sentences using a capital letter, full stop, question mark or exclamation mark
  • Use capital letters for proper nouns and the personal pronoun ‘I’
  • Use expanded noun phrases
  • Use direct speech
  • Use subordinate clauses
  • Use adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions


  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division


Living things and habitats




Teamwork games

Sports coach


What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?


Helping others to keep safe


Henri Rousseau


Scratch questions and quizzes


Brass instruments with Mr. Garbutt

I am looking forward to working with year 4 this year. If you need to discuss anything throughout the year do not hesitate to approach me in the morning or I am always happy to arrange a meeting before or after school.

Thank you.

Mr. Evans.



Cycle 1

Year 2 – Sapphire Class

Cycle 1

Welcome Year 2 to Brentnall Primary School.

I hope you all have had a lovely Summer break and are as excited as we are for the new school year.


As it is such an important time for Year 2 with their SATs, we all know the importance of being in school on time every day to maximise our learning.

As doors open at 8:50am, we expect all children to be in class and ready for their learning at this time.

As a team, we also want to win the attendance trophy that went to Nursery for their 100% attendance!


Mr. Thompson sent out a letter regarding uniform at the start of the term. Please see this letter if you are unsure of the correct uniform attire. Children should also be practising tying shoe laces and buttoning up their own shirts.


Homework is given out every Friday.

The homework folder will include:

  • Spellings – 10 words to practice each work for our spelling test every Friday.
  • Lined paper – to write a sentence for each spelling word
  • Times table practise – to be practised each week for the Times Table Challenge.
  • Maths homework – to be completed weekly

Please encourage your child to complete their homework carefully and neatly, ensuring that they work independently.

Homework needs to come back to school on a Wednesday.


Reading is such an important skill in your child’s development and we are aiming to listen to children read every day.

Children should read to you every night to develop their confidence, fluency and expression.

All children in Year 2 has been provided with their own school diary for their reading to be logged.

After listening to your child read, you will need to sign the dairy.

The diary and reading book need to come back to school every day. We will be checking to see if the diary has been completed.

Reading books will be changed every Monday morning.


PE lessons are on Tuesdaysand Thursdays. We suggest that your child brings their kit in at the beginning of term and leaves it in school until the end of term to ensure that they do not forget it. Please refer back to the uniform letter to see the correct PE attire.

Cycle 1


  • Beegu

By Alexis Deacon

  • Character description
  • Story with a familiar setting
  • One Day on our Blue Planet in the Savannah
    By Ella Bailey
  • Setting description
  • Explanation text


  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Geometry and measure


  • Animals including humans


  • My School and Local Area

Art and design:

  • Lowry


  • Using the Internet

Physical Education

  • Sports coach

Religious Education

  • What does it mean to belong to a faith community?


  • Others and me in my class

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Teachers: Mrs, Salim and Mrs. Woolley

Teaching assistants: Mrs. Jackson and Mrs Anderton



Welcome to Nursery

Diamond Class (Nursery) 2019-20

Cycle 1

Teacher: Miss Wills

Teaching assistant: Mrs Singh/Mrs Wroe

Welcome to Nursery and to Brentnall Primary School. We are really looking forward to the new school year, getting to know you and working closely with you to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

During this cycle the children will be settling into school and learning the routines of the day and the class rules. We will be having lots of fun getting to know each other over the days and weeks ahead.

Each day we will be singing lots of nursery rhymes and listening to stories on the carpet. The children will also spend lots of time learning in the different areas of the classroom, for example the home corner, investigation area and outside.

Once the children have settled in we will be starting some short focused sessions on the carpet. These will be: phonics, maths and communication and language.

Phonics: In our phonics sessions the children will be tuning into sounds, listening and remembering sounds and talking about sounds. The sessions are designed to help the children: listen attentively; enlarge their vocabulary; speak confidently to adults and other children; say the sounds they hear, in order, all through the word and use sound-talk to split words into sounds.

Communication and Language: During these sessions the children will be developing their listening and attention skills and enlarging their vocabulary. We will start by learning and singing nursery rhymes. Later on in the cycle we will read the book ‘The Animal Boogie’. In this book the children will learn about animal actions such as leaping, stomping, shaking and flapping while meeting different jungle creatures.

Maths: During these sessions the children will learn about number and other aspects of Maths through number songs, rhymes and stories.

Parent mornings: Every other Monday you will be invited to join us in the classroom to take part in activities with your child. The first session will take place on Monday 23rdSeptember 9.00 – 9.40am. You will be reminded by text the Friday before. We hope to see lots of you there.

Things to remember:

Spare Clothes

Please ensure your child has a bag of spare clothes with them in school at all times, including underwear and socks. It is very important that we are able to change your child and make them comfortable if any toileting accidents occur or if they get wet from water play. We explore the outdoors in all weathers so children need to be dressed appropriately.

All children require a pair of wellies in school with their name in them.  The children will really enjoy outdoor water play and accessing the outdoor sandpit.

Snack Money

We ask that the children bring in a voluntary contribution of 50p every week, on a Monday, to contribute towards the cost of providing the children with a range of healthy snacks, such as breadsticks, crackers and toast.

Children must be in correct school uniform at all times. This includes appropriate footwear. Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Focus child

We have three focus children per class, per week. During the week we record additional information on paper to be kept in the child’s folder in the classroom. Parents can contribute to this by bringing in or emailing photos to the Early Years email address. Examples of photos might be: a trip to the park, visiting family, swimming lessonsThe photos may be used as prompts for your child to share news with the class. You will receive a letter when your child is selected as the focus child.

Class Dojo

This year we will be using the online reward system called ‘Class Dojo’. Teachers and other adults around school will be encouraging positive behaviours by giving whole class and individual points. Each child will have their own colourful and exciting character, which should encourage them to collect points on a weekly basis.


Welcome to Year 5

Welcome back to Brentnall for a new school year. I am very excited to be welcoming your child into Year 5 – Amethyst class.

Your Year 5 teacher this year is Miss Smail.


We have a lovely uniform at Brentnall and I would just like to remind you to put your child’s name in their uniform. In Year 5, this now consists of a blazer, jumper, white shirt, tie, black trousers or skirt and black school shoes. Please ensure your child has the correct uniform.


Homework is given out weekly on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. This will include a piece of Maths homework and spellings to learn weekly. In addition, each term there will be a topic based homework project for the children to enjoy creating with you at home.


The children have all got reading books now and will be bringing them home each night to read with you. Their diary is for you to sign to show your child has read at home for 15-20 minutes per night. There will be a dojo point given for each child who has read that night.


Throughout the school there is a dojo point system. Children really enjoy earning dojo points related to any behaviour related to our school values: Learn, Respect and Succeed. When children earn 28 dojos for the week they will go to the dojo treat on Friday afternoon.


This year we are lucky enough to have sports coaches teach the children different skills in P.E.! Children will be doing P.E. on Wednesdays and Fridays so will require their full P.E. kit for these days which consists of a whitet-shirt, blackshorts and blackpumps.  If your child has taken their P.E. kit home to be washed, we ask that it is returned on Monday and stays in school until Friday. This is in case the sports coach is able to offer an extra session within the week.

An Overview of Cycle 1

  • English– We are covering different writing features from our writing checklist to start with in Year 5. These are:
  • Use subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions to join phrases and clauses
  • Punctuates sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark
  • Uses a capital letter for names of people, places, the days of the week and the personal pronoun I
  • Uses expanded noun phrases
  • Demonstrates accuracy with tenses
  • Uses different sentence forms
  • Uses direct speech
  • Uses subordinate clauses
  • Uses adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (including phrases) and conjunctions
  • Uses a range of determiners
  • Uses fronted adverbials with commas


Place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division


Properties / changes of material




Sports Coach


French- En ville

Religious Education-

Why do some people think God exists?

Art- River Art

Computing- We are game developers

I am looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 5. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thankyou. Miss Smail, Mrs Weston and Mrs Richardson 

Cycle 1

Welcome back to a new year at Brentnall; I hope that everyone has had a lovely break. I would like to welcome your child to Emerald Class.

This year your teacher will be Miss Gorton. Also working in Emeraldwill be Mrs. Kellyand Miss. Byrne.  


This year homework will be sent out on a Fridayand should be returnedto school on a Wednesday. Each week will include a piece of Maths and a set of spellings that will be tested on a Friday.


Every child in KS2 has been provided with a school diary, this should be taken home every night along with a reading book that has been chosen by your child. The diary is to be signedand returned the next day to show your child has read at home (15-20 minutes).

Cycle 1



The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest

By Lynne Cherry

Performance of a poem


Persuasive letter




Focus on Arithmetic:

Number and place value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division





Living Things and Habitats






Geography – Forests




Hockey – Wednesday morning (sport coach)

Gymnastics – Thursday afternoon (Miss Gorton)


PE is part of our uniform and we ask it to be a white t-shirt and black shorts, pumps or trainers. For cultural or religious reasons girls may wear white long sleeved t-shirts and black leggings.





La salle de classe (classroom)






What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?





Henri Rousseau