Cycle 4

Hello Year 5,

I wish we could be learning our Cycle 4 topics in class and I’m sure we will soon enough. We will continue with the BBC Bitesize lessons for English and Maths daily which I will be emailing to you weekly. If you have any trouble with the email then please just go BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for homeschooling and select Year 5.

Here is an overview of our Cycle 4 topics:

History- Ancient Greece

D&T- Ancient Greek Pottery

Science- Living Things and Habitats

Computing- Using and Applying Skills

Languages- Au Zoo

P.E.- Tennis and Gymnastics

R.E.- What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

PSHE- Relationships

Music- Carima Burana

Related learning will be sent linked to these topics via email. Please do email if you have any questions with the work.


Thank you all. Hope to see you very soon. Mrs Weston, Mrs Richardson and myself miss you all very much. Stay safe!



Ruby Class

Ruby Class

Ruby Class is a specialist enhanced resource within Brentnall Community Primary School that caters for children who have autism spectrum condition (ASC).

It is staffed by a full time teacher and two full time teaching assistants. Ruby Class is a 12 place key stage 2 resource for children who have an education, health and care plan (EHCP). Our enhanced resource is overseen by our Assistant Headteacher and SENCO Mrs Mendham.

Ruby class is an integral part of Brentnall and the children join mainstream classes as part of their daily routine, this includes playtimes, dinnertimes and for assemblies.

Staff: Miss Follows, Mrs Roberts and Miss Savage

The Curriculum

As Ruby Class currently has children who are both key stage 1 and key stage 2 age, we deliver a curriculum that is based on the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. As Brentnall is an inclusive school, the staff work hard to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of the individual. Special considerations are given to the teaching of life skills as well as basic maths and English skills.

Each child follows their own individual programme where they are taught carefully planned activities suitable to their stage of development. These activities are taught both in their own setting and when appropriate in mainstream classes. The children are supported at all times to ensure that they are working towards their individual targets and their individual progress is closely monitored through observations and formal assessments. Staff ensure that all achievements are celebrated and rewarded.

Where children are accessing Ruby Class full time, carefully devised transition programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual children with

their transition to mainstream being carefully planned. With additional support, all children access playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies with the rest of the school. To ensure that all children experience success with their transition to mainstream, children access classes that they enjoy the most and the children will be given the option of which classes they would like to participate in. Each stage of the transition process will be closely monitored and taken at a pace that is appropriate to the needs of each child.

We split our school year into 4 cycles. We are now in Cycle 3, below is a table outlining what your child is currently learning.

English Understanding what non-fiction is

Writing a fact file about animals from the rainforest

Descriptive writing – adjectives and adverbs


Maths Bar charts

Tally charts




Multiplication (times tables specific for each pupil)


Science Water cycle
History Explorers from history
RE The Easter Story – how people celebrate Easter around the world
PSHE Communication – how to tell someone how I feel
PE Co-ordination

Strength and balance


Computing Searching the internet safely
Music Carnival of the animals – describing what I can hear
Sign Language Learning to sign different animals
Art and Design Camouflage ​

Home learning

All children have a reading book that is matched to their reading ability which are changed regularly. The children are encouraged to read each night at home as well as being listened to in school regularly. For each cycle, the children will be assigned home learning tasks that they are encouraged to complete which are based on life skills, for example the children might be asked to practise using a toaster safely to make themselves or someone else a piece of toast or practising how to cross a road safely. Please feel free to take photos and email these to, we look forward to seeing any pictures you take.

Parental contact

As many children come to school on transport provided by the local authority, the children in Ruby Class have a home school diary which is used to communicate messages from school to home and vice versa. In line with the rest of the school, once a half term parents are invited in to their child’s class to access our PACT (parent and child together) afternoons. The PACT afternoons are an opportunity to see what your child is currently learning.


This year we are lucky enough to have specially trained sports coaches in school who are delivering our PE curriculum. Children have PE on Wednesdays taught by one of our sports coaches and the rest of Ruby Class and then they have PE on another day with their mainstream class. We suggest that you send a clean PE kit in at the start of each new half term and we will send it home at the end of half term so it can be washed, that way the children will always have their PE kits on their PE days. If your child needs assistance in dressing, staff are available to support where necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact school if you have any further questions. Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

Mrs Mendham, Miss Follows, Mrs Roberts and Miss Savage

Cycle 3

Thank you for your continued support throughout the first half of the school year. As the summer approaches I look forward to keeping Peridot class motivated as they move towards year 5. Keep reading for information regarding this cycle’s topics.

Cycle 3


We will be studying The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy.

Character Description

Diary Entry


Setting Description


  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Money
  • Time
  • Shape


Electricity including a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry.


South America



Sports coach session


Why are festivals important to religious communities?




Taste of South America





Les matieres


Brass instruments with Mr. Garbutt

I am always happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any issues or concerns.

Thank you.

Mr. Evans.



Cycle 3

Cycle 3

The children have had a fantastic start to the Spring Term in Year 6 and we look forward to learning about more exciting things during Cycle 3.


In Year 6, the uniform consists of the school’s blazer, jumper, tie, a white shirt, black trousers or skirt and black school shoes. Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform each day for school and that their name is clearly labelled on each of the items.

For P.E., pupils are required to wear a white t-shirt, black shirts and black pumps or black trainers.


Maths and Spelling homework will continue to be given out every Friday and should be completed and handed back to the Year 6 teachers by the following Wednesday. Pupils will be provided with a weekly spelling list which they are required to learn by end of the week, in preparation for a spelling test every Friday.

In the lead up to the end of Key Stage 2 examinations, some children may be provided with additional activities to complete at home to support their learning.

SATs Boosters

Your child may be invited to attend additional booster sessions in preparation for the end of Key Stage 2 tests. These will take place in the morning prior to school commencing and your child will be informed in advance.


The children will continue to have the opportunity to select a reading book from the class library, which they are then required to read to you each night for approximately 15-20 minutes. Just a reminder to please sign your child’s diary each evening to confirm that you have listened to them read.


Pupils are expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour and act as role models for the rest of the school. Dojo points will be awarded to pupils for behaviour which demonstrates the school’s values of ‘Learn, Respect and Succeed’. Should pupils earn 35 Dojo points by the end of the week, they will be rewarded with Dojo Treat on a Friday afternoon.


Your children will have P.E. on a Tuesday and Thursday. This year, we have sports coaches who are coming into the school to teach the children a variety of new skills during P.E. lessons! Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit with them for these lessons.

An Overview of Cycle 3


‘Pig Heart Boy’, by Malorie Blackman.




Perimeter, area and volume

SATs revision


Living Things and Habitats


Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Sports Coach – Cricket / Rounders / Tennis




Religious Education

What matters most to Christians and Humanists?




Kodu programming

Film making


Character development


Sibelius’s Finlandia


If you have any questions regarding the above, please get in touch.




Cycle 3

Miss Holmes and Miss Ahmed welcome you to Jade class.

We are currently in Cycle 3 of 6. We have lots to look forward to this cycle, including a visit to see Dippy the Dinosaur on tour!


Homework will be sent out on a Friday and should be returned to school on a Wednesday. Each week will include a set of spellings that will be tested on a Friday.


Every child in KS2 has been provided with a school diary, this should be taken home every night along with a reading book that has been chosen by your child. The diary is to be signed and returned the next day to show your child has read at home for 15 minutes.

Cycle 3

English ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne

Writing a narrative

Developing Inference Skills



Money – Adding and subtracting money

Statistics – Collecting and representing data using graphs



Animals including Humans

Key words: food, nutrients, bones, skeleton

PE Striking and Fielding – Wednesday morning (Sport Coach)

Dodgeball – Monday afternoon (Miss Holmes)

PE is part of our uniform and we ask it to be a white t-shirt and black shorts, pumps or trainers. For cultural or religious reasons girls may wear white long sleeved t-shirts and black leggings.



Geography – A European Holiday

Computing – Internet Research and Communication

French – Ma Famille

Religious Education – Why do people pray?

Technology A Taste of Europe
PSHE Character Development – Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC Family).


Cycle 3

Welcome to Reception’s class page for Cycle 3

We had a fun and very busy Cycle 2 where we noticed lots of progress in learning, since then we have welcomed a new Teaching Assistant – Miss Robinson – who has already developed a lovely relationship with the children. This cycle we continue to learn primarily through play, exploring our areas which include: creative, investigation, role play, small world, maths, writing, reading, outdoors and our new ‘funky fingers’ area which aims to improve our fine motor skills which are very important for improving children’s writing skills.

We will also continue our focussed learning in short lessons:

  • Phonics – where we work in small groups following the Read, Write, Inc. programme to develop our reading skills, learning sounds and building words using FRED talk. This is when children breakdown the sounds they see in a word and then blendthem together to read the whole word so c-a-t becomes cat, th-i-nk becomes think.
  • English – we will focus on two books this cycle; ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French where we will be going on a worm hunt and making a wormery, and ‘A Great Big Cuddle’ by Michael Rosen. In these sessions Reception are expected to use their phonics knowledge to build on their writing skills. We have been working on writing in sentenes, where the chldren are maing lots of progress!


  • Maths – we continue to work in groups using a variety of resources such as number lines, ten frames during fun, practical activities to establish a secure understanding of number recognition, maths problems such as addition and subtraction, and ordering and comparing We will also be revisiting the shape, space and measure aspect of our maths curriculum.

Reception children are also continuing to enjoy time with the sport coaches every Thursday morning where they can choose to be involved in team games.


  • Our reading day is Wednesday – please ensure your child’s reading book is in school ready to be changed and for your child to have one-to-one reading time with the teacher.
  • Please also try to read at home as much as possible with your children, even a couple of pages a day is very valuable in enhancing their reading skills, please record this in their reading record to make us aware.
  • Snack money continues to be a voluntary contribution of 50p per week.
  • Parent afternoons have been a success so far and are a lovely way of spending time with your children in their school setting, as well as getting to know what we get up to here in Pearl class – our next afternoon session is Thursday 27th February.
  • Spare clothes are required at school for each child if possible to ensure a dry set for any accidents – we wear waterproofs outside during wet weather but spares are often still needed.
  • Wellies are required for each child to ensure the can still access the outdoor play area during wet weather,
  • We ask that all children wear full school uniform – please ensure your children’s items are labelledwith their names to avoid misplacing of items.
  • We are still using Dojos as a reward system, children are expected to earn 20 Dojos per week in order to be involved in a special Dojo treat on Friday afternoons.
  • We continue to have three focus children per week. This gives us the chance to record information on paper to be kept in the child’s file in the classroom to evidence their learning. Parents can add to this by sharing photos to the Early Years email address. Examples of photos might be: a trip to the park, visiting familyswimming lessons. You will receive a letter when your child is selected as the focus child. During this week, your child is welcome to bring in something special from home that they would like to share with the rest of the class.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Harrison, Mrs Bagnall, Mrs Wroe and Miss Robinson.