Cycle 2


In Phonics, we will review previously taught sounds and practise these, before moving onto learning new sounds. We will apply our phonics skills to reading speed sounds, speed words and tricky words – and not forgetting our alien words! We will also focus on spelling and writing sentences.

In English, we will be reading and exploring two exciting books. The first book ‘One Day on the Blue Planet in the Savannah’ will allow children to learn about all the different animals that live in the African Savannah. We will be exploring non-fiction books alongside this story to learn all about wild animals and extending our vocabulary. This story will allow us to create labels, lists and captions. Our second book ‘Croc and Bird’ will allow the children to explore friendships and families. We will be exploring similarities and differences and developing our speaking and listening skills throughout. Handwriting practise will be at the beginning of each lesson.

In Maths, we will be learning how to add and subtract practically and say one more and one less than a number. We will also be learning lots of new vocabulary about size, weight, capacity, position and distance. We will be revisiting and practising counting forwards and backwards, reciting, recognising and ordering numbers.

In Time for Reading, we will be exploring a new book each week. We will be using the pictures to help us to answer questions about the story to develop our understanding. We will also be applying our phonic knowledge to segment and blend the words to read the stories and explore some tricky words within these stories.

In Science, we will be learning all about animals including humans. We will explore ideas around what animals and humans need to survive and the importance of exercise, hygiene and healthy eating.

In Music, we will be learning a range of musical skills with Mr. Davies who will visit our classroom every Wednesday. Get ready to sing, clap, play a range of instruments and have a great time!

In Design and Technology, we will be learning to design our very own space rocket! Using our learning from our History lessons, we will design, make and evaluate our models – using technical understanding.

In P.S.H.E., we will be learning how to build our learning power. We will be exploring ideas, strategies and techniques to develop our skills in order to become more resilient and resourceful learners.

In R.E., we will be learning all about the importance of caring for everyone, how to care for people and what some religions say about this. We will explore different ways of how to care for people and how we can care for others.

In PE, we will be stretching our bodies and learning skills to support our movement. On Monday we will be doing Gymnastics where will develop our balance and co-ordination skills and on Tuesday we will be doing Physical Literacy where we will develop our throwing, catching, hopping, skipping and team work skills.


Note for parents:

Each child has been given a reading record for their reading book at home. It is important to date each day and sign your initials to let me know that your child has read with you. It is important to question your child’s understanding of what they have read. Reading books will be changed every Monday. By reading one book over one week, it will allow your child to become secure in their reading application.

Homework is given out on a Friday which will include literacy and numeracy. This must be handed in by the following Wednesday.

Please remember PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Indoor PE on Monday and outdoor PE on Tuesday. Your child must be in full kit every week. PE kit is; black shorts, white polo shirt and black pumps. For outdoor PE as the weather is getting colder; black jogging bottoms, black zip up jacket, white polo shirt and black pumps.

To ensure the best possible learning in school your child needs to arrive on time (8.50am) and attend school every day. Please inform school immediately of the reason for any pupil absence.