Cycle 3

Another very exciting cycle in store for year 4 as we approach Cycle 3.


We have a lovely new uniform this year at Brentnall and I would just like to remind you to put your child’s name in their uniform. Children can wear their burgundy sweater (with or without school logo, white shirt, black or grey skirt or trousers, black or grey pinafore, white or black tights (no leggings), plain white or black socks and black shoes (no visible logos).


Homework is given out weekly on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. This will include a piece of Maths homework and spellings to learn weekly. In addition, each term there will be a topic based homework project for the children to enjoy creating with you at home.

A topic based homework will be issues this cycle on South America. Children are encouraged to put together a short presentation about all the information they have learnt about South America at the end of this cycle. They will be shared on Friday 4th May. This can be in the style of a poster, picture cards, verbal explanations or PowerPoint presentations on the computer, if bought in on a memory stick.


The children have all got reading books and will be bringing them home each night to read with you. Their diary is for you to sign to show your child has read at home for 15-20 minutes per night. There will be a prize for the child who has read the most books within the term.


Throughout the school there is a traffic light system to monitor behaviour. Children will all start on green at the start of the school day. Children will receive a warning if they display unacceptable behaviour and then will move down to amber and then red if this persists. Children do have the chance to work their way back to green when making the right choices within class and around school.

Our Always board was carefully chosen by the class and is Minecraft themed. This is to ensure all children are consistently following our 6 Always rules in order to receive an Always badge. The rules we decided as a class are:

  • To listen to the speaker
  • To try your best and never give up
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • To listen to the speaker
  • Work together as part of a team
  • Be respectful to those around you

House points

Children will also be rewarded for good behaviour with house points and whichever house wins the most points will be announced each Friday in the Celebration Assembly.


Children will be doing P.E. on Mondays and Tuesdays so will require their full P.E. kit for these days. If your child has taken their P.E. kit home to be washed, we ask that it is returned on Monday and stays in school until Friday.


We have our music teacher coming in to teach Music on Wednesday afternoons. The children will be allocated a brass instrument and will need to take it home Wednesday nights to practice for the week and they will need to bring it back in on the following Wednesday for the lesson.

An Overview of Cycle 3


This cycle we will be reading the book Charlotte’s Web where the children will take part in role play and discussions as well as producing diary entries, discussion based argument writing, character descriptions and classic novel writing.








Geography- South America

Hook Question- Do you want to go on an adventure? Alpaca my bags.




Music– Brass Instruments tuition

French- Quelle heure est-il?

Religious Education-  

Why are festivals important to religious communities?


Who are these people?

Design and Technology- 

South American menu

Computing- Photo-stories (editing images)

We are currently organising a trip as part of the South America topic which you will receive information about nearer to the date of the trip.

I am looking forward to another exciting cycle. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thankyou. Miss Smail