Cycle 4

Year 3 Sapphire Class are excited to start the new topics in Cycle 4. As we move into summer, we will continue to enjoy the lighter morning and evenings and noticing the changes to our environment!


As all children are now wearing some of the summer school uniform, could I remind you to put your child’s name in their uniform so that we are able to identify is easily. This will help reduce children’s uniform getting lost around school.


Homework is given out on a weekly basis. Children will bring home their homework on a Friday to be returned on a Wednesday. This will include a piece of maths work and some spellings that will be our focus in lessons the following week. This means children will be tested on their spellings on the Friday after they are given out. There will be a bookmark with the spellings on sent out in order to practise them at home.


In addition, each term there will be a topic based homework project for the children to enjoy creating with you at home.


Children have all been given a reading record book so that you are able to write in any comments after reading with your child. Reading is an essential part of your child’s learning, therefore we encourage them to read at home every night.



Throughout the school there is a traffic light system to monitor behaviour. Children will all start on green at the start of the school day. Children will receive a warning if they display unacceptable behaviour and then will move down to yellow and then red if this persists. We encourage all children to make the right choices in order to move back to green by the end of the day. If children finish the day on green, they will receive a green stamp. Children are then able to spend the amount of stamps they have earned over time. Children can spend from 10-50 stamps depending on whether they choose to save them up or spend them as they go. The children of Sapphire class have responded well to this new system!

The Always board chosen by year 3 was rabbits. Our Always rules are:

  • Work as a team
  • Be kind to other children and adults
  • Listen when others are talking
  • Use good manners
  • Try out best
  • Respect our classroom


House points

Children are rewarded with housepoints for good behaviour, work and following the school values. The winning house is announced in celebration assemblies on Fridays. The winning house receives 5 minutes extra break time on a Friday.



We will do PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children will need to bring a PE kit consisting of white top, black shorts and pumps or trainers. Our Wednesday PE slot is outside, therefore you may wish to send in additional clothing in case of rain.


An Overview of Cycle 4

English– The Iron Man – Persuasive letters

Diary entries

Acting in roll




Maths-  Multiplication


Addition and Subtraction

Problem Solving


Science– Plants


Topic- The Mayans


P.E.-  Athletics and Benchball



French- Bonjour

Religious Education- 

PSHE- Building Learning Power- Reflectiveness

Art – Pop Art


I look forward to our fourth and final cycle this year and I’m sure the progress will continue! I look forward to enjoying our last few weeks together in year 3, before they are ready to start on their journey into year 4.


Miss Jackson