Governing Board – Instrument of Governance

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Roles Appointed By
Rev. Sarah Fletcher Local Authority 13/06/20 12/06/24 Chair of FGB

Chair of HT Performance Management

Safeguarding Link Governor – Staff

Provision Link Governor

Mr. Joseph Donnelly Co-opted Governor 13/06/20 12/06/24 Vice Chair of FGB

Chair of Curriculum Committee

SEN Link Governor

Governing Board
Mr. Matthew Thompson Headteacher 01/09/14 Headteacher Governing Board
Miss Sophie Savage Staff Governor 14/10/20 13/10/24 Safeguarding Link Governor – Children

Pupil Premium – Link Governor

Staff Election
Mrs. Joanne Jackson Co-opted Governor  27/03/18  26/03/22 Health & Safety Link Governor


 Governing Board
Mr. Owen Garbutt Co-opted Governor 26/03/19 25/03/23 Governing Board
Mr. Vibhav Sharma Co-opted Governor  02/07/19 01/07/23 Chair of People & Premises Committee Governing Board
VACANCY Parent Governor  – Parent Election
Mr. Geoffrey Hodge Parent Governor 17/10/17  16/10/21 Chair of Finance Committee

Health & Safety Link Governor

Parent Election
Mrs. Nicola Platt Clerk to Governors Clerk to Governing Board Governing Board

Mrs. Nicola Platt (Clerk), Mrs. Clyne (Deputy Headteacher), Miss Harvey (Assistant Headteacher) 

are often observers at governor meetings – however, they do not have any voting rights at any meeting.

Previous Governors

Mrs. Emily Bagnall served as a Staff Governor between 7th June 2016 – 14th October 2020 (extended term due to Coronavirus pandemic)

Mr. John Sneddon served as a Co-opted Governor between July 2011 – 20th December 2019

Dr. Ilan Rhur served as a Co-opted Governor between 17th October 2017 – 29th November 2018.

Mr. Stephen Boardman served as a Co-opted Governor between 17th October 2017 – 26th June 2018.

Mr. Kevin Faulkner served as a Co-opted Governor between 18th October 2016 – 22nd November 2017.

Ms. Susan Robinson served as a Co-opted Governor between 20th October 2015 – 9th January 2018.