Governing Board – Instrument of Governance

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Roles Appointed By
Mr. John Sneddon Local Authority  24/11/15  23/11/19 Chair of FGB

Chair of Headteacher Performance Management

Chair of People & Premises Committee

Safeguarding Link Governor – Staff

 Governing Board
Rev. Sarah Fletcher Parent Governor 17/10/17 16/10/21 Vice Chair of FGB

Provision Link Governor

Parent Election
Mr. Matthew Thompson Headteacher 01/09/15 Headteacher Governing Board
Mr. Joseph Donnelly Co-opted Governor 26/06/18 25/10/22 Chair of Strategic Development

SEN Link Governor

Governing Board
Mrs. Joanne Jackson  Co-opted Governor  27/03/18  26/03/22 Health & Safety Link Governor  Governing Board
Mr. Owen Garbutt Co-opted Governor 26/03/19 25/03/23 TBC Governing Board
VACANCY Co-opted
Miss Emily Froggatt Staff Governor  07/06/16 06/06/20 Safeguarding Link Governor – Children

Pupil Premium – Link Governor

Mr. Geoffrey Hodge Parent Governor 17/10/17  16/10/21 Chair of Finance Committee

Health & Safety Link Governor

Parent Election
Mrs. Nicola Platt Clerk to Governors 08/06/15 07/06/19 Governing Board

Mrs. Nicola Platt (Clerk), Mrs. Clyne (Deputy Headteacher) and Mrs. Walsh (Deputy Headteacher)

are often observers at governor meetings – however, they do not have any voting rights at any meeting.

Previous Governors

Dr. Ilan Rhur served as a Co-opted Governor between 17th October 2017 – 29th November 2018.

Mr. Stephen Boardman served as a Co-opted Governor between 17th October 2017 – 26th June 2018.

Mr. Kevin Faulkner served as a Co-opted Governor between 18th October 2016 – 22nd November 2017.

Ms. Susan Robinson served as a Co-opted Governor between 20th October 2015 – 9th January 2018.