Key Stage 1 Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to welcome your child to Year 1 and are looking forward to meeting you all in September. We are sure it will be a very happy and productive school year. We believe that, with your support, your child will make excellent progress over the year.

We aim to make the transition from EYFS to Key Stage 1 as easy for your child as possible. Your child will be taught through a range of strategies, including some play and be encouraged to become an independent, organised learner.


To ensure the best possible learning in Year 1 your child needs to arrive on time (8.50am) and attend school every day.

Please inform school immediately of the reason for any pupil absence.


Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. It will consist of English, usually spellings of key words or spellings linked to the sounds they have been learning in phonics, and a short piece of Maths work.  Again this will be linked to the Maths that has been taught that week. Please encourage your child to complete their homework carefully and as independently as possible, offering help and support when needed.


We believe that children should be encouraged to develop a love for reading throughout their time at our school.

Pupils who practise their reading regularly at home tend to make the most significant progress. Therefore every child will continue to take home a ‘Home Reader.’ Please try and read with your child every day and record this in his/her reading record. It is important to also question your child’s understanding of what they have read.  Books will be changed every Monday.

Staff will listen to your child read their home reading book once a week, during the first half term. In addition to this, your child will also read a book each day during their phonics group throughout the year. After the initial 1:1 reading at the beginning of the year, we will then move on to guided reading in class. During guided reading your child will read a book each day in a group and complete activities linked to this book over the week. Guided reading books stay in school, however we will continue to send home reading books which will be the same colour book band as the book they are reading in class.


In year 1 we will continue to follow the RWI phonics scheme, where we will continue to teach your child all the letter sounds, in order to support your child’s ability to read an increasing amount of words. We may send some words home over the year for your child to practice with you.  At the end of Year 1 all children take a National Phonics Screening test. During the test the children will be required to read 40 words, some are “real words” and some are “Alien words”. “Alien words” are not real words, but are made up of the letter sounds the children have learnt in RWI.


PE lessons are twice a week. This will be on a Monday and Wednesday. Your child will need a P.E kit: black shorts, white t-shirt and trainers/pumps.


Please ensure your child is in full uniform at all times. The correct uniform is: burgundy jumper, white shirt, school tie, grey skirt/trousers/dress/ yellow checked summer dress and black shoes. Please ensure all items of clothing, especially jumpers, are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


We have a traffic light system in school. All children showing expected behaviour remain on green. Children who demonstrate unacceptable behaviour will move to amber then red if this persists. They will then miss 5 minutes of morning or lunchtime playtime.


Fruit will be available for the children in the mornings. If you would like your child to have a milk please complete the milk letter and hand in to the office.

Topic Work

This year there will be lots of exciting topics and visits planned covering History, Geography, Art and Design Technology.


  • Toys and Games
  • Seaside holidays


  • My school and the local area
  • Weather


  • Animals
  • Materials
  • Seasonal changes
  • Plants

Reminders for the week

Monday Reading books changed

P.E  Kit

Reading books and reading records to be taken home, filled in and brought back everyday.
Wednesday Homework to be handed in

P.E Kit

Friday Homework given out

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

Mrs Knowles and Mrs Taylor Jones
Year 1