Reception – Cycle 3 News

Cycle 3

The children in Reception have worked extremely hard during Cycle 2. We have just started Cycle 3 and are excited about all the learning that will take place.


  • Reception’s Key Text
    Our Key Text for Cycle Three is ‘The Gruffalo’. We will be reading the story each week, answering blank level questions, learning about the characters and sequencing the story.
  • On Fridays we have already had a few parents come in to Reception to read with their child. Please come and spend some time choosing and reading books with your child, in class and on the library bus.
  • Reading at home

Please continue to listen to your child read their reading book every night. Ask your children questions about their book to check their understanding of what they have read. Please help them to practise the highlighted words on the sheet at the front, every night.


We are continuing to work hard in RWI lessons to segment and blend to read and write words and short sentences.


In Maths, some children are working very hard on adding and subtracting, on a numberline and in their heads. We will also be moving on to doubling and halving during this cycle.


We are busy arranging a trip to Smithills Farm. At the farm the children will get to see all the animals close up. They can even feed them, stroke them and see the cows getting milked. They will have a donkey ride as well as a tractor and trailer ride.


During this cycle we will be having some special visitors in Reception. We will be receiving a set of eggs which we will be able to see hatch into chicks. Very exciting! The children will learn about the life cycle of a chicken and will have the opportunity to draw and write about the chicks and maybe even hold a chick!

Snack Money

We ask that the children continue to bring in 50p every week, on a Monday, to contribute towards the cost of providing the children with a range of healthy snacks.


Please be reminded that the school doors open at 8:50am and maths lessons commence at 9am prompt.  It is important your child arrives to school on time to ensure valuable learning is not missed.


Please ensure your child has spare clothes and underwear.  as there may be times when your child gets wet during outdoor play.


Please ensure all clothing is labelled clearly with your child’s name. We are still noticing a number of jumpers and cardigans with no name.