Important Announcements

Are you ready for our new uniform?

If you still need to order your new uniform for September please hand your order form in to the school office.  We will process your order as quickly as possible however it is unlikely that these will now be delivered in time for end of term.


You should have received a letter advising of our switch to ParentPay for paying dinner money.  This system will be a great asset to the school as we make the transition to a cashless operation. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Office, who will all be happy to help.

Fantastic Summer Holiday Activities

Salford Community Leisure are running a number of holiday programmes over the summer holidays. Find out more here.

Reception Reading Morning

Reception Reading Morning

A love of Reading!

  • Visit the library
  • Read anywhere, at any time of day
  • Go shopping for books with your child
  • Read books with their favourite characters in
  • Read a wide variety of books, eg information books, stories and poetry
  • Teach your child how to care for books

Talking about stories 

  • Encourage your child to tell you what is happening throughout the book, they can use the pictures as prompts to help them.
  • When your child is reading sentences, can they tell you about what they have just read?
  • Talk about the new words in a book. If your child is struggling to read a word they could use the pictures to help them to have a good guess.
  • Ask them questions about what is happening in the book.

Types of Questions                    



Stages of Reading

  • Lilac books are picture books. You can talk about the pictures, ask leveled questions and your child can tell you the story.
  • Pink books contain simple CVC words. Your child will be beginning to segment and blend with support and will become increasingly independent at doing this.
  • Red words are words the children can’t sound out, g. the, I, of, to.
  • When your child is blending independently don’t forget to still focus on questioning and retelling the story.

Home Reading Books

  • Please spend time with your child sharing their book, every night if possible.
  • We change your child’s book once a week. Please make sure your child’s book is in school on their day.
    Miss Livesey: Tuesdays
    Miss Wills: Thursdays
  • Please make a comment or draw a smiley face in their reading record book every time you read with your child.
  • Don’t forget to practise the high frequency words with your child as often as possible.

Reading Stories

  • It is also important for you to read to your child.
  • They will learn reading skills from listening to you.
  • It’s also important to read stories in your home language to your child.



Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.