School of Sanctuary

We would like to share with you that as a school we have begun working towards being a School of Sanctuary. This is an initiative to celebrate the good practice of schools who welcome asylum-seeking and refugee families into their school community and foster a culture of welcome and inclusion for all. It is for schools, parents, communities, local people, new arrivals and people seeking sanctuary.

As a school over the next year, we will gather and show evidence of all the things that we have done towards this award. We are looking forward to sharing our achievements over the year.

New Arrival Ambassadors

The last job for our Year 6 New Arrival Ambassadors to do before they moved onto Year 7 was to make sure the Year 4 New Arrival Ambassadors were ready to take on their new role in September.

We are pleased to welcome our new Ambassadors who are now in Year 5.

Also our Year 6 New Arrival Ambassadors who I know will continue to work hard in their role.

School Swap Days

On the 28th Feb 2020, our New Arrival Ambassadors took part in a school swap day with St Joseph the Worker school in Irlam, click here for more information 

The first day our new Arrival Ambassadors went to St Joseph the Worker’s School for the day and the next day the children from St Joseph’s came to Brentnall.

The days were really interesting and also great fun. It gave the children the chance to experience what it was like to arrive new to a school and experience this first hand. It made them aware of how new children feel and highlighted how important it is to make new children feel welcome at school.


All of the children who took part in the experience really wanted to go to take part again.