Important Announcements

Are you ready for our new uniform?

If you still need to order your new uniform for September please hand your order form in to the school office.  We will process your order as quickly as possible however it is unlikely that these will now be delivered in time for end of term.


You should have received a letter advising of our switch to ParentPay for paying dinner money.  This system will be a great asset to the school as we make the transition to a cashless operation. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Office, who will all be happy to help.

Fantastic Summer Holiday Activities

Salford Community Leisure are running a number of holiday programmes over the summer holidays. Find out more here.

Sports Funding

Click below for information on Sports Premium Expenditure for current & previous years

2016-2017:Sports Premium Expenditure 16-17

2015-2016 :Sports Premium Expenditure 15-16


For the academic year 2016-2017, Brentnall has received £8955 in Sport Premium funding.


Sports Expenditure


Impact to date

Sports Coach




All children in Reception class & Years 1,4, 5 & 6 receive weekly, outstanding specialist teaching and coaching.

Continuity of assessment has improved because of ‘in house’ status.

Sports Lead has a good rapport with all children thus increase participation and improved attainment across school.

Salford North Sports Partnership Contribution

(Gold Package)



Essential support across all curriculum areas, including training, advice and ‘hands on’ help.


Sustainable impact as staff are now trained to teach gymnastics.


Gold package provides medals & certificates to recognise children’s participation.


With enhanced sports provision and planning, more children participate in sport each week and extend their learning in the playground for up-coming events.


This year we have bought into the Gold Membership package, which has allowed us to utilise the Sport Premium money to train staff in delivering Gymnastics lessons, promote sport in school and increase wider participation. This will have a sustainable impact and provide staff with invaluable knowledge and confidence to teach Gymnastics.

With the Gold Membership package we are able to access a bespoke programme of CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff in all areas of PE to enhance PE in schools. The package involves places at the Annual Salford PE and Sports Conference each year and training days to receive advice and develop CPD of staff. We are able to enter different sporting events and obtain a sport competition calendar that we use to plan our events into. With the package we have a qualified specialist Primary PE teacher that works within our school for 30 weeks during the year for a half day programme. We have chosen this PE teacher to specialise in the teaching of Gymnastics so that we can develop staff confidence in teaching Gymnastics.

By employing a Sports Lead in school we are able to target our PE planning and after school clubs to relate to upcoming competitions. This has increased our chances of winning competitions against other schools. The Sports Lead arranges Level 1 and 2 competitions throughout the year and has high expectations for sport at Brentnall.