Important Announcements

Are you ready for our new uniform?

If you still need to order your new uniform for September please hand your order form in to the school office.  We will process your order as quickly as possible however it is unlikely that these will now be delivered in time for end of term.


You should have received a letter advising of our switch to ParentPay for paying dinner money.  This system will be a great asset to the school as we make the transition to a cashless operation. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Office, who will all be happy to help.

Fantastic Summer Holiday Activities

Salford Community Leisure are running a number of holiday programmes over the summer holidays. Find out more here.

The Great Brentnall Bake Off

The Great Brentnall Bakeoff – Thursday 9th February 2017

I would like to thank everyone who entered and supported The Great Brentnall Bake Off on Thursday last week.  This event was the very first organised by our newly formed Brentnall Community Team and it was a huge success, raising over £150.  I know Mrs. Knowles and Mrs. Taylor-Jones are very happy with what the event achieved.

Howard Middleton, who was a contestant on The Great British Bake Off television show, kindly came to Brentnall to judge the competition.  He had to make some difficult decisions due to the amount of amazing entries but eventually awarded a gold star for creativity and a silver star for taste to each category.  Well Done to everyone who took part, especially …..

Categories Gold Star – Creativity Silver Star – Taste
Nursery & Reception



Chocohoot Cupcakes


Chocolate Peach Cupcakes

Year 1 & 2



Nationality Biscuits


Triple Choc Cookies

Year 3 & 4

Tray Bakes




Chocolate Brownies

Year 5 & 6

Sandwich Cakes


Brentnall School Logo


Victoria Sponge


Celebration Cakes

Mrs. Clyne & Miss Stephens

‘Celebrate Maths’


Brentnall Ladybird & Flowers