The School Day

Timetables and the school day


Children are not supervised prior to 8:50am unless they attend Breakfast Club

8:50                            Classroom Doors Open

9:00                            Lessons Begin

10:30-10:45               Break Time for Years 1,2 & 3

10:45-11:00                Break Time for Years 4,5 & 6

11:45-12:45                 Nursery and Reception Lunch

12:00-12:45                 Year 1 Lunch

12:15-1:00                   Middle and Upper School Lunch

3:00                             End of school day



Monday                     9:00-9:20                     Whole School Assembly

Wednesday               2:30-2.50                     Singing Assembly

Friday                         9:00-9:30                     Whole School Celebration Assembly

Where classes do not have an assembly on a day they will carry out a form of collective worship in their classrooms.