Weekly Merit Awards

Headteacher Merits – 16th February 2018

Each week Headteacher’s Merits are awarded for excellent achievements.

Headteacher Merits this week

Sunstone class – Lucas – for his wonderful writing.

Moonstone class – Neshan – for trying hard reading his book.

Pearl class – Lida – for telling a story in role as a character from our story

Coral class – Jules – for always showing a ‘can do’ attitude.

Amber – Konrad – for super sentence writing.

Topaz class – Louie- for excellent knowledge about space.

Sapphire class – Tobias – for an improved attitude to learning and his behaviour.

Turquoise class – Rafael– for an improved attitude towards learning and getting involved during discussion time.

Amethyst class – Saban – for her beautiful writing about the forest.

Kyanite class – Rizwan – for making a conscious effort to improve his reading skills.

Tanzanite class – Amina – for a massive improvement inner scores this week in tests.

Rainbow class- Taraneh – for an improved attitude towards her learning.