Weekly Merit Awards

Headteacher Merits 

Each week Headteacher’s Merits are awarded for excellent achievements.

Moonstone class – Hila – for trying hard with her reading book.

Sunstone class – Sophia – for practising her sounds and numbers independently.

Coral class – Richard for his super star counting in twos.

Pearl class – Kevin – for his fantastic work in maths, identifying one more and one less.

Amber class – Angel – for super work in maths.

Topaz class – Sebastian – for role playing in class and thinking in character.

Sapphire class – Chanel –  for always doing the right thing and acting as a role model in the class.

Turquoise class – Nathan – for trying really hard with his setting.

Amethyst class –Angelo– for showing great knowledge of this week’s spelling words.

Kyanite class – Yaseen –  for excellent maths work.

Tanzanite class – Lucy– for her great perseverance at swimming.

Rainbow class – Rhea – for working really hard in all of her lessons.