Weekly Merit Awards

Headteacher Merits

Each week Headteacher’s Merits are awarded for excellent achievements.

Headteacher Merits this week – Friday 20th April

Class Reg Child Award
Reception Class Sunstone Grace K Improving her number skills.
Reception Class  Moonstone Neshan For writing his name and great blending in phonics.
Year 1 Coral Leyla S Amazing attitude to learning
Year 1 Pearl Shaun Fantastic Subtracting and work using a number line
Year 2 Amber Tasmyia Trying very hard with all of her work.
Year 2 Topaz Zakaria For working really hard this week especially in writing.
Year 3 Sapphire Joshua Having amazing and creative ideas in English.
Year 4 Turquoise Jaida For being more independent in class.
Year 5 Amethyst Harrison Trying hard with his writing
Year 5 Kyanite Denzel Excellent writing
Year 6 Tanzanite Daniels Excellent Writing in English.
Rainbow Rainbow Rhea Excellent attitude towards her learning