Welcome to Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to year 5. This year your teacher will be Miss Gorton. Also working in year 5 will be Mrs. Breeze and Mrs. Weston. If you wish to speak to any member of staff in Upper School, please make an appointment at the start or the end of the day.

Everybody looks very smart in their school uniforms, and to keep them yours we ask if children’s names can be written in jumpers as many get lost throughout the year. This would be extremely helpful for all staff throughout the school.


This year homework will be sent out on a Thursday and should be returned to school on a Tuesday. Each week will include a piece of Maths and a set of spellings that will be tested on a Friday.

Every child in upper school has been provided with a school diary, this should be taken home every night along with a reading book that has been chosen by your child. The diary is to be signed and returned the next day to show your child has read at home (15-20 minutes). Children who fail to complete reading homework or who fail to get their diary signed will spend 15 minutes reading in their playtime.

Always Rules

Every Friday after assembly we will discuss our 6 Always rules. Each child will reflect upon the week, discussing as a class if they have succeeded in each therefore being able to move up our board. On reaching the top an Always badge will be rewarded to wear with pride. Our rules are:


  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  2. Always be ready to learn
  3. Respect everyone and the environment
  4. Always use your manners
  5. Always try your best in everything you do
  6. Work as a team to encourage and inspire


An introduction to High Flying Writing

Play Scripts

Discussion Texts

Poetic Style



Focus on Arithmetic:

Number and place value

Addition and subtraction (including fractions)

Multiplication and division

Square and cubed numbers



Properties and Changes of Materials

To compare materials according to properties

To investigate materials which dissolve

To use different processes to separate mixtures of materials

To understand irreversible changes

To research scientists that made a difference



Geography – Rivers

To explain the water cycle

To discover how rivers are formed and change

To find out why rivers are important

To research a river in which we will visit

To research the causes of river pollution and the effect on the environment



Dance with Miss Gorton – Wednesday afternoon

Hockey with Mr Braithwaite – Friday afternoon

PE is part of our uniform and we ask it to be a white t-shirt and black shorts, pumps or trainers. For cultural or religious reasons girls may wear white long sleeved t-shirts and black leggings.

French En Ville (The Town)


RE Why do some people think God Exists?


Art River Art (links with Geography topic)